Affordable Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney

Considering filing for bankruptcy? During this difficult time in your life, you will appreciate the attention you receive from Phoenix bankruptcy attorney Gary Stickell, one of Arizona's leading personal bankruptcy attorneys and a trusted bankruptcy resource to whom many Arizona lawyers entrust their financially distressed clients.
Arizona landlords should keep in mind that there are some situations where terminating the lease might be the wise thing to do. If there is a potential that the tenant might file bankruptcy to avoid the eviction, the landlord might be in a better position in bankruptcy court if the lease was terminated before the bankruptcy filing.

Some of my friends attorneys will tell them whatever they want to hear, and let them fight court battles they won't win, just to get the extra legal fees, but Jonathan has never once done that with me. He will tell me directly if I'm asking for something I can't realistically get, so it's not worth my time and money.
Not only can an attorney fill out and check over all of your paperwork, but they will also advise you about which Chapter to file and how to gather the specific information needed to successfully plead your case, and then they will represent you before the court.

If you are wondering if filing chapter 13 bankruptcy or chapter 7 bankruptcy is the right choice for you, if you are wanting legal answers to your financial questions, and if you would like assistance making informed financial decisions for your future, we encourage you to take advantage of our FREE initial consultation.
If you want to learn more about the differences, you should read our post about why someone would file chapter 13 even when they are eligible for chapter 7. However, Wright Law Offices, P.L.C. if your income is too high (i.e., you are over the median income) you may be ineligible for chapter 7 and must file a chapter 13 and repay some of your debts.

Business and corporate law — We provide a full range of essential legal services for Arizona businesses throughout the life of the company, offering reliable guidance on issues related to ownership, governance , operations, compliance, taxation planning, and commercial transactions.
Attorney Lawrence ‘D' Zolman has helped a number of people just like you throughout Phoenix, AZ. Lawrence ‘D' Zolman, your Phoenix bankruptcy attorney, represents people who have debt problems that they cannot resolve alone, including back taxes, delinquent student loans, civil money judgments, home foreclosures, auto repossessions, unmanageable credit card debt, landlord evictions, and garnished wages, to name only a few.
We will also act as your advocate in your creditors hearing, with the bankruptcy trustee and the court. Bankruptcy lawyers can determine if bankruptcy is right for you, or advise you on debt relief options - including Chapter 7 debt discharge plans, Chapter 13 debt repayment plans, and Chapter 11 reorganization.

Be it: Phoenix Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Phoenix Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Zero Down Bankruptcy, or an Emergency Bankruptcy Filing, our Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer has you covered. Filing for bankruptcy in Arizona means that you will have the protection of an automatic stay,” a provision that immediately stops all creditor attempts to collect debt from you.
Another popular option for individuals is Chapter 13, which allows for management and reduction of debt through payment plans. Our Arizona bankruptcy attorneys will assist you with all of the complicated bankruptcy forms. Joe Collins is well known in the family court system being both knowledgeable of the other litigating attorneys, and the judges that rotate on and off the bench.

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