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There's no wrong answer when it comes to choosing a blade for your everyday carry, but a sub-par one will end up cutting you when you try to draw it, will snag on your pocket, is difficult to open, and often won't hold an edge during daily use. Frog Man: We didn't expect the key to a quality knife to be rubber, but Gerber has proven that using a tachhide handle along with rubbery texture and rubber thumbstuds makes the Tech Skin a softer knife that won't scratch up your smartphone screen, but can both take and dish out abuse over the long run.
Kershaw has gained a reputation for their quality Best Folding Tactical Knife and the Blur is everything lesser EDC knives aspire to be. It's beautifully engineered, cuts a moderately aggressive profile, has a serrated section on the blade - should you have a need for more of a saw blade - and has a diamond-like carbon coated blade that prevents corrosion from taking hold.

A fully serrated blade doesn't make much sense for an EDC knife as it limits how many things you can use the knife on and a fully fine-edged blade doesn't encompass the positives that serrated blades do, so, finding a blade that is ¼ to ½ serrated is probably your best bet and in my opinion, offers the most versatility.
Alright, so, the knife I'm reviewing has a 3.19” drop point blade constructed of 8Cr13MoV steel with a nice polished look to it. These are deployed via ball-bearing equipped flipping mechanisms that are super easy to deploy and quite a bit smoother than what I'd expect at this price point.

Well, they're all pretty close in blade length with the Delica 4 being the shortest by a hair and they all come in a very similar form factor, however, the steel used for the blades are all different, making a significant difference in their performance and the jobs they handle well.
It also has the benefit of a dual-sided handle, with one scale crafted from carbon fiber and the other, the one with the sturdy frame lock , made from solid titanium Stylish from any angle, built to take a beating, and crafted by a legendary knifemaker, there's no questioning how stellar this cutting tool is.
It also features a molded nylon mesh handle that provides excellent grip, dual thumb studs and a compact closed length of just 5”. It's the type of EDC knife that skirts the line between utility and survival gear and the overall build quality is such you may be passing this one down to your son someday.

If you're not familiar, 3V is a high speed tool steel that Crucible says is even tougher than Cru-Wear or M4, but it's not stainless (thus the coating.) It's a little more expensive than the Bugout (about $15 more) but both are excellent options for EDC use.
To the unfamiliar, the Scorpion Lock uses a locking component called the yoke, which forms the back part of the knife's handle, requiring you to pull back on the yoke with your middle finger and thumb, then push the blade spine with your index finger to disengage the blade.
We are proud to represent US Knife makers such as Charles Marlowe Knives, D.B. Fraley, Todd Begg Knives, Emerson Specwar Knives, Terry Guinn, Jeremy Marsh Knives, Michael Burch of Burchtree Bladeworks and Enrique Peña, as well as International Knife makers Jens Anso Knives of Denmark, Flavio Ikoma Knives, Korth Cutlery of Brazil, Wally Hayes and Rick Marchand of Canada, Andre van Heerden and Andre Thorburn of South Africa and of course Fred Perrin of France.

If you don't already know, EDC stands for everyday carry and essentially means that you're choosing to carry a knife with high utility value that is easy to transport and contain on your body without it significantly slowing you down or taking up all of your storage or pocket space.
They don't do well stacked up to premium brands but when you set them aside knives of similar quality and price, you'll see why I recommend them as their value versus their direct competitors is always right on par or better. The blades are constructed of VG-10, the steel we know and trust when it comes to anti-corrosion and durability without much maintenance and is held together with fiberglass nylon filling and polymer blended handle.

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