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Melbourne snake catchers. The red-bellied black snake, which possesses enough venom to kill an adult, was coiled up beneath the bedside cabinet of a display home on the outskirts of Melbourne when I first encountered it. When Pelley, who was called by the property company that owns the house, picked up the squirming snake with a metal hook, it fell to the floor and scurried under the bed by which I was standing, sending me into a panic.
Varanus lenhoseri (Hoser, 2020). Varanus apicemalba (Hoser, 2020). Keep an eye out even though the weather's changing a bit, I still expect people snake catcher Melbourne to find snakes in their homes,” he said. The ONLY official Melbourne Snake Catcher® is Snakebusters® and the Snake Man, Raymond Hoser.

This is the only course in Reptile and Venomous Snake Control Australia that is Recognised and Accredited through the VRQA (Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority) that meets national quality training standards and can be found on the website.
Snakes are protected by law in Australia. Since no reputation in connection with the trade mark SNAKE CATCHER was established, this ground was unsuccessful. Do not allow dangerous snakes and reptiles to cause you harm. Whilst usually a uniform shade of brown, the Eastern Brown snake can have various patterns including speckles and bands.

Australian Snakes donвЂt hibernate and can become active at anytime. Mark Pelley is based in Diamond Creek and works throughout spring and summer as The Snake Hunter whereby he catches snakes for the local community. Scroll through the below services to help protect you, your family, staff and pets from venomous snakes.
His quick reflexes saved him, but reminded Pelley just how vulnerable snake catchers are on the job. Snake Catcher and Snake Removal services around the Eastern and Northern suburbs of Melbourne. As the warm weather arrives, more and more snakes will be emerging, making it a busy time for Gatt.
For example, someone say, with an illegal, private collection of exotic reptiles from all over the world will release the snakes in an effort to avoid being charged with possession of illegal reptiles. When venomous snakes turn up in a backyard, barn, or—heaven forbid—bathroom, it's time to call in a relocation specialist.

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