Solar Panels & Chargers

In these days of ever increasing reliance on technology and gadgets many people have taken the choice to purchase a universal solar charger. While traditional portable chargers require regular charging sessions themselves, solar powered cell phone chargers are designed to never have to be plugged in. This is perfect for long camping trips, as you can keep your phone charged without having to bring a massive portable charger.
I have my system pretty well figured out except for the amps that my inverter will use which I never really figured into the equation… I have 3 100w panels (total solar power bank 300 watts) hooked to a charge controller and 2 6v batteries hooked up to deliver 12V and 225AH… to that I have a 2000w peak 1000w continuous inverter hooked up.

Once RSENSE is selected for the maximum charging current and RIN1 and RIN2 are determined to select the input voltage current control range, Equation 6 can be plotted against the solar panels power curves to determine the charger's operating point for various battery voltages.
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When buying a solar charger you should check for faulty wiring and broken panels, because any default in the charger can not only damage the device you would charger but also could injure you and be a waste of money, so before purchasing such an item always get it tested.
Great for camping, excursions, long boats, camper vans, field work, long distance travelling or any outing that takes you away from ‘civilisation' and power source to charge all your gadgets; smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, digital camera or any mobile devices that charge over a USB socket.
Better grade batteries and combination of good electronic circuits can increase the recharge cycle up to 1000 times. What a perfect time to start utilizing solar power to keep your electronics charged. A solar charger, thus, is an excellent, portable solution to cell phone power woes.

The Neckteck is a small but powerful solar laptop charger, with the ability to take on any terrain, thanks to its rugged and thoughtful design. A convenient way to charge your car battery without ever having to remove it from the car is to use a 12 volt solar battery maintainer.
Keep in mind which of your devices need adapters - again, your best bet might be to power them from a battery pack charged by your solar panels as you will lose power in the conversion. As the name suggests, a solar power phone charger is a device that can charge your phone batteries by converting the power of the sun into electricity.

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